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At this time every year, I am a lady who lunches at this very creative benefit to support the organization Bay Kids. They use the power of video to help kids suffering through medical challenges. The videos the children make celebrate their lives and help them find meaning in their struggles. And the room was full of women who knew and loved my son Lakas. One mom showed me how she has Lakas on her contacts list of her phone. #withLakas


Last weekend of #REVOLTplay by #crowdedfiretheater


I love watching the performance deepen and love the set, sound and lighting too. Don’t miss this powerful show! Ran into the director of the next play I am seeing #LisaMarieRollins and my colleague Tania Israel won the raffle! Potrero Hill delivers with the view and the great restaurants nearby the theater itself!

BayKids Studio – Part 1


These ladies take table setting to a whole other level.

Bad Moms, Jurassic Park, Animal House, Grease

Coco, Kungfu Panda, Pricilla Queen of the Desert, I, Tonya, Baywatch

Talladega Nights, My Fair Lady, Murder on the Orient Express, Saturday Night Fever

#bookwriting so many steps to the finish! #withLakas


Sent off the “finished” epilogue to my editor just now—after it was seen, read and completely demanded upon by two intimidatingly brilliant readers! There are multiple readings and drafting to ensure the book is the best it can be!

So many upheavals!

Here is my laptop #withLakas and his big smile and kind eyes and I am working alongside my brilliant beautiful son B and my gorgeous genius huz.

#UCLAtft #reunion


With Film Professors Kristen Hatch and Gilberto Blasini!

Unseen in this photo taken at an outdoors reception (because it’s 70 decrees Fahrenheit outside) is the abundant menu of polenta wedges, lobster and sweet corn empanadas, veggie samosas, and fig cheese crackers. Nom nom nom sweet yummy celebration!


#Revolt #crowdedfire


Crowded Fire Theater’s production of REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN. gets better and better and deeper and deeper. And the playwright Alice Birch just won a major award this week. I brought my student interns–my amazing film crew along with new and seasoned theater supporters of the bold and fierce Crowded Fire Theater company! Check out the show which closes 3/24/18. Just one more week! Don’t don’t miss it!