It’s a wrap! @celinearchive movie


It’s a wrap for our movie! Thank you to poet Jean Vengua for her epic poem on Celine Navarro’s life and to the family for sharing their ancestor with us as we celebrated her life as a cast and crew on the documentary. I am thankful to the Navarro family, my crew and my own family for today. I wanted to give the family their opportunity to say thanks and express love to their grandma and great grandma so as to center the love she had for them and the love they continue now and for generations. In sharing your grief today, I think of my own son too. Lakas is no longer with us physically and I miss him and wish for him intensely along with our whole family. #withlakas #digupherstory #grief #grievingmom #filipinafilmmaker @a-doc @vconline

@Berkeley in @hauntportland dress @celinearchive 🎥 🍿


With a robot delivering food (waiting for its person) on a sunny day wearing my new Haunt Portland rust linen dress!

This spot near Cory Hall is historic for us. This is where my college roommate met my husband’s college roommate and thus our networks linked. She would walk from our co-op to her class and he admired her going down these steps. Amazing it all started on this path.

Bancroft Library is where my film started: my sister Rhacel discovered here the files about Celine Navarro in boxes about Filipinos in Early California. It was 1990. Twenty eight years ago!

Getting ready for the closing day of shooting my film this weekend. Martini shot is coming.

#sweat by #lynnnottage @ACTGeary


The play SWEAT is as great as everyone says: intense examination of how we are now in this era. Automation, globalization and race, class, sex and gender drama of our world since years 2000, 2008 and today. An instant classic I’d see again and again. Why it won the Pulitzer for Drama in 2017 and why she’s won it twice. Inspired and riveting, I’m still in it. Thank goodness for plays to help us see and understand our world.