Office party


Husband thinks I’m over dressed.


#FavoriteThings #HolidayTea #Lovejoys #FentyBeauty #Adidas


The pleasure of friendship! At Lovejoy’s for holiday tea!

Favorite things gift exchange items included #FentyBeauty #Stunna and #Trophywife, face and hand creams in a Santa sack stocking (genius), gold and silver jewelry (homemade) and Adidas (everyone should have one)!

Fashion was fuzzy, tulle and knits. And Alice fabulosity!

Discovered a caffeine-free Vanilla Rooibos tea that goes so well with milk!

#runwithLakas #christmasrelays #inknburn


My older son organized a team of his friends to run a 20-mile relay race in honor of his brother Lakas. The shirts from #inknburn came in which we printed with Lakas’ own dragonfly drawing and signature. Creative, artistic, athletic–and so loved by his older brother. Can’t wait to see what they will use as a baton. Maybe just a fist bump!

#holidaycookieparty #craftsmanandwolves


My sister from LA says cookie parties must be a Bay Area ritual! If so, it’s because we want the opportunity to eat the holiday tin from Craftsman and Wolves. The lavender cookies, the gingerbread and the chocolate earthquake were particularly insane and worth the calories. Especially when consumed with friends and family! Nice party, T & VM!