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Happy Thanksgiving!


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We start the morning with our local running community A Runners Mind honoring our son Lakas who loved kids, community, play and ARM itself. We love you ARM and especially Watson Keleher. ARM helps us in recognizing loss, death, suffering along with life, community, love, family and the power of running as grief work. 

Toddlers will run the Lakas Shimizu Memorial Kids Dash in his name. During this most adorable moment, I will remember Lakas and cherish the memory of his body in motion. His big smile an open invitation to kids to do their best and have fun with each other. ARM Up!

Check out the run and Lakas at On site registration at the race is at 6:30am and the 5k starts at 8am today. The Kids Dash soon after the 5k finishes. Thank you ARM. 

Lakas Shimizu and Watson Keleher forever!

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Interview with me for ABC Bay Area news at 11 by Elissa Harrington who also spoke with my SFSU School of Cinema colleague Professor of Animation Martha Gorzycki on the rampant sexism in the industry and beyond. 

The floodgates open so sexual harassment and assault should not keep silence in its wake. We must remember the history of sexism is accompanied by resistance to that power! We now have the opportunity to listen to how the industry culture must change not only in how it makes films but what films it makes. 

Poesia jacket with reflectors by Chris Chang. Lips  in Confetti and eyes in Trophy Wife by Fenty Beauty.  Rihanna-style SFSU colors! Representing of course.