#CAAMFest36 #A-doc


A loving family feeling at the A-Doc CAAMFest Filmmaker Summit!

With PJ Raval, the director of CALL ME GANDA, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at LAAPAFF this week!

With SEEKING ASIAN FEMALE director who is working on two new projects on “tiger moms” and “model minority” students Debbie Lum.

With the great Claire Aguilar who is a giant in the development. Of documentary here and abroad.

With the legendary editor Jean Tsien who had some crazy stories about coming up with Ang Lee and telling it like it is to all the male filmmakers who struggled with handling it.

With the baby-faced Godfather of Asian American Cinema Chi-hui Yang.

Speaking were CAAM’s Don Young who framed the day in a big way and spoke from the frontlines of representing Asia Americans in national media.

I did not get to say hi to the pioneering director Renee Tajima-Peña of UCLA! Hi, Renee!

Ernesto Foronda was not there but this is the moment minutes were spoken about him.

I love the A-Doc presence and bright new agendas for the ever present need for more and better representations!


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