We hit our online campaign goal! @aadocnetwork @vconline @ybca @somapilipinas @celinearchive #digupherstory


Thank you to our donors who help us hit our film’s online campaign goal of $10,000!

Anh whose friendship is new and already full of Las Vegas kinds of memories of which Ina, one of my closest girlfriends is included. Helen from Santa Barbara and a subject of my last film threw down for this one with encouragement! My colleague Kat donated generously and shares her intrigue about the film. Randy is my husband’s D&D childhood buddy! Sara is a fierce lioness of a filmmaker herself as is Kat who’s making a documentary about Spike and Mike; Cathy is a consultant for the film and just supported us financially! Sheryl is another new friend whose warm embrace is felt! Susette publicized our salon and also donated in double support! I play poker with Eric who gave like he’s all in and asked for no perks so I can give them to others! Debra is from SFSU during the era of Filipin@ students’ research of the film and Nicole is my running and reading girlfriend! Robyn is my son Lakas’ teacher who gave me my best teaching memories. Dounya is the sweetest person who gave so generously. Gilberto is one of my finest and most fabulous friends whose support means the world. And Marily co-sponsored the salon and also gave. Marc and Michelle doubled–they donated twice! Lastly, Jen took us over the top of our goal!

Thank you for making what seemed so impossible happen!

It is not too late to join this community of supporters and taking us higher. Go to http://www.celinearchive.com to support courageous and passionate filmmaking!


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