Dear #professor #author #historian #communityleader #activist #collaborator #friend #dawnmabalon @sfsu @sfsulca @stanford @ucla @celinearchive @filiponoanericanhistory @filipinoamericans

With so much love for the premiere historian of #filipinoamerica #filipinoamericanhistory, the fearless, brilliant, vivacious, kind

and beautiful @drmabalon who suddenly died yesterday.

Pictured is our interview with Dawn for @thecelinearchive movie in June. Our crew discussed her interview in detail at our production meeting just yesterday —where we also planned for the shoot in Seattle that Dawn was doing with us.

Filipin@ American history comes to life forever because of your work, Dawn. And in it you always attended to women’s lives and ask us to do the same. I am so grateful for you and your gifts to us.

From our time training and studying @ucla and @stanford and as faculty @sfstatelca @sfsu today, I am fortunate to witness your towering contributions to #Asianamericanstudies #asianamericanhistory and beyond.

Your generosity as a professor and colleague will forever be remembered and honored.

Please donate to Dawn’s memorial fund to help with her funeral and bringing Dawn back home. The go fund me is created by her family who will forever miss her and love her:


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