It’s a wrap! @celinearchive movie


It’s a wrap for our movie! Thank you to poet Jean Vengua for her epic poem on Celine Navarro’s life and to the family for sharing their ancestor with us as we celebrated her life as a cast and crew on the documentary. I am thankful to the Navarro family, my crew and my own family for today. I wanted to give the family their opportunity to say thanks and express love to their grandma and great grandma so as to center the love she had for them and the love they continue now and for generations. In sharing your grief today, I think of my own son too. Lakas is no longer with us physically and I miss him and wish for him intensely along with our whole family. #withlakas #digupherstory #grief #grievingmom #filipinafilmmaker @a-doc @vconline

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