#Trippen v. #Celine


The cobblestones in Hanover made me choose the Trippens!


#sfsu #filmfinals #emcee #poesia


So happy to celebrate the students today for their films, scholarship and teaching! I did emcee work in my ceremonial Poesia wear and my #stuartweitzman5050.

#outerlands #grading #sfsu


Semester closes and my TAs and I grade papers and projects together nowhere better than Outerlands in SF near Ocean Beach! Too many food highlights. We started with the donut of the day, ordered everything including a healthy breakfast of eggs and veggies, grilled cheese and chicken, and ended with coconut pie which was crazily so good. Amazing semester with our students and rewarding to train the next generation of faculty!

#oculus #VR #gowarriors


Watching the NBA via Oculus VR means being perched on the basket as the players bound across the court coming at you from below and hanging out lying down sideways in the middle of the court as they dribble by. Though I am so bummed the Warriors are moving to SF because #oaklandisthebest #thetown


#runwithLakas #HSF


We miss you, Lakas! I remember running the 2k with both my boys and now we remember those times as we support our community and honor Lakas who loved his school and his friends and teachers. Bayan wrote a speech about Lakas and his love. Thanks friends and family for running with Lakas! He somersaulted on the course with a baguette in tow.


#SFSU #Cinema #Celebration #celinearchivemovie


#SFSU #Cinema #Celebration of Masters Students finishing their theses projects! Heartiest and happiest congratulations to my dear advisees Chase and Cady! A tradition is to give my students the pen with which I signed off on their work for them to create beyond the MA!

And a surprise visit from my editor Jon Ayon, extraordinary filmmaker!

Watch out, world! I just handed over the hard drive of the Chicago footage for my new movie!