#KitchenTown #CrowdedFireTheater


At a #CrowdedFireTheater meeting with a community funder! Despite these good-looking pastries, I chose the persimmon and apple with yogurt for breakfast. And a still warm baguette to go for homemade sandwiches later! Amazing neighborhood bakery!


#NewYearsDayBrunch #withLakas


At our usual spot at SamsChowderHouse in Half Moon Bay. Sunny this year! This is Lakas’ beach where he visited regularly and where we would spend New Year’s Day. Always first in the water and last one out! Here we are visiting his memory and spirit. And the pirate ship he was playing with in the days before he died is here along with letters, pictures and the wishes to reach him.

Birthday #corepoweryoga #ThreeRestaurant #WatercourseWay #fraiche #PhyllisBoutique #Octavia #MelissaPerello #grief #grievingmom #withLakas


Birthdays for me as a grieving mom? What helps are letters recognizing the loss. My oldest son wrote me a long heartfelt letter that chronicles our grief work and expresses so much love. My girlfriends worked out hard with me at yoga this morning and over brunch, gave me cards and little silly tokens of growing older together in friendship. In the afternoon, Watercourse Way with my family in the same hot tub room that Lakas loved. Our favorite frozen yogurt Fraiche where my order was birthday-sized! Then shopping at Phyllis for my birthday outfit: Ivan Grundahl (Rest In Peace). After my favorite spots in Palo Alto, a dinner in the city at Octavia where I met Chef Melissa Perello. At her Chef’s Table, I held on to my loving husband as we hosted my birthday dinner. I close this day with hopes for strength and peace.