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Got this in the mail and planning to read tonight in one sitting! A book by my high school friend and my CRLS Debate Team Co-Captain Sharmila Sen, Executive Editor at Harvard UP! Can’t wait to hear her discuss this book in San Francisco on 9/20!


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Self-care via Hermés. These are the “Switch” pumps not yet available in the US, if ever? Lucky for me to have a sister living in Germany. Fresh kicks to start off the new year.

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Three days later, I am in and out of shock and grief. I am holding on to Lakas as I hold on to Dawn. Dawn and I were just working on the shoot and preparing for Seattle. On Thursday, she texted me that she was “excited!!!” Like me. At our shoot, she was going to meet the subjects of the film and they wanted to meet her–“Dawn of Little Manila.” At our shoot in June that is pictured here, we conferred on her outfit. And I told her she cannot go too bold with the necklaces. She brought three–all bongga! As we decided on this one that she is wearing, we talked about the jewelry game of all those lawyers in the documentary _RBG_. And how many documentaries we both saw this year—just last month—in the golden year of docs and how cool to be working together on this. She stayed on late at the shoot then came back laughing because she forgot a favorite tote bag from Obama’s first election. We talked about our friend Konrad just as she was driving away. The memories are both so vivid and already failing me at the same time. What is certain is Dawn touched my students that day as she hung out at my dining table eating vegan pancit. As my students transcribe Dawn’s words on Friday, they call her a “fierce badass feminist” and “so important and necessary.” She was 45 years old. It hurts to know the certainty of so much ahead for her. And it is amazing to recognize how her big legacy ignites so many. I hold on to both the joy and the grief of Dawn Mabalon, my fellow Bruin, Cardinal and Gator. Historian of our people, she so loved our people. It’s in the work she left and in the life she led.

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With so much love for the premiere historian of #filipinoamerica #filipinoamericanhistory, the fearless, brilliant, vivacious, kind

and beautiful @drmabalon who suddenly died yesterday.

Pictured is our interview with Dawn for @thecelinearchive movie in June. Our crew discussed her interview in detail at our production meeting just yesterday —where we also planned for the shoot in Seattle that Dawn was doing with us.

Filipin@ American history comes to life forever because of your work, Dawn. And in it you always attended to women’s lives and ask us to do the same. I am so grateful for you and your gifts to us.

From our time training and studying @ucla and @stanford and as faculty @sfstatelca @sfsu today, I am fortunate to witness your towering contributions to #Asianamericanstudies #asianamericanhistory and beyond.

Your generosity as a professor and colleague will forever be remembered and honored.

Please donate to Dawn’s memorial fund to help with her funeral and bringing Dawn back home. The go fund me is created by her family who will forever miss her and love her: gf.me/u/khphgt

Burghotel auf Schönburg


Schönburg castle and driving on a narrow bridge; cruising the Rhine; Amy Tan made it to the castle shelves; pescetarian and vegetarian four course meals; and elaborate place settings. Did not know about German einhorns, everywhere. They never misspell Shimizu in 🇩🇪 as they do in the US: Schimizu. @BurghotelaufSchönburg is very special with unique rooms, lavish breakfasts and dinners. Tower museum with catapult video game and exploring the gardens and castle rooms. Just 45 minutes from Frankfurt and worlds away. A3887CEE-6C1A-49E1-B07D-275321977513.jpeg

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A highlight of our benefit salon was when my older son raised his hand and donated as a $100 booster for the film! He loves his 20 oz. mug which he uses for his miso soup single shot maker everyday, twice a day! Thank you to friends, family and film supporters for making our movie happen! Join us at http://www.celinearchive.com and make your support of feminist Filipina film known and make herstory!

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Filmmakers today also do merch packaging all day! Sending these out tomorrow to our generous donors so they may feel our gratitude! Our social media maven wants to see our supporters model our merch so please tag us at #celinearchive and if you want some merch, go to http://www.celinearchive.com and donate now, you’ll get them in the mail! Love, #celinearchivemovie

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Thank you to our donors who help us hit our film’s online campaign goal of $10,000!

Anh whose friendship is new and already full of Las Vegas kinds of memories of which Ina, one of my closest girlfriends is included. Helen from Santa Barbara and a subject of my last film threw down for this one with encouragement! My colleague Kat donated generously and shares her intrigue about the film. Randy is my husband’s D&D childhood buddy! Sara is a fierce lioness of a filmmaker herself as is Kat who’s making a documentary about Spike and Mike; Cathy is a consultant for the film and just supported us financially! Sheryl is another new friend whose warm embrace is felt! Susette publicized our salon and also donated in double support! I play poker with Eric who gave like he’s all in and asked for no perks so I can give them to others! Debra is from SFSU during the era of Filipin@ students’ research of the film and Nicole is my running and reading girlfriend! Robyn is my son Lakas’ teacher who gave me my best teaching memories. Dounya is the sweetest person who gave so generously. Gilberto is one of my finest and most fabulous friends whose support means the world. And Marily co-sponsored the salon and also gave. Marc and Michelle doubled–they donated twice! Lastly, Jen took us over the top of our goal!

Thank you for making what seemed so impossible happen!

It is not too late to join this community of supporters and taking us higher. Go to http://www.celinearchive.com to support courageous and passionate filmmaking!