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Happy Birthday to my handsome husband


Whom our son and brother Lakas loved so much. Lakas was the best hugger and was not shy about expressing his massive love for his Dad. At Prince Shinagawa Hotel in Tokyo. Lakas loved being there with you and was so thankful you took us there! Today we feel the exuberant life and love-filled embrace of sweet Lakas.

#skyline chili time 🌶


Thanks to @KD, @StephenCurry, @DraymondGreen, @KlayThompson and the @GoldenStateWarriors for winning the NBA Championships and especially to @ShelleyLee for sending congratulations with our favorite Ohio treat: Cincinnati chili!

Even the oyster crackers are the best! If only @SkylineChili mailed the vegetarian version…Lakas has a monthly order in for the chili spaghetti no cheese. #withLakas

Reading up on #StocktonFilipinoAmericans #LittleManilaIsInTheHeart #DawnMabalon


Shooting on Monday and reading up! The go-to Historian to learn about Filipin@ Americans in Stockton is my #SFSU colleague Professor Dawn Mabalon! We were at #UCLA and #Stanford together and hers is an epic gift of a book! Can’t wait for her to appear in #celinearchivemovie to thrown down her expertise. May the light and sound of the outdoors cooperate!

Celebrating my FIL today!


Happy Birthday to this finest of fathers and grandfathers. We imagined we were in France as we ate an amazing brunch at #lanote in Berkeley. The shirt is bespoke from #bladeandblue in San Francisco by owner and designer the talented Peter Papas himself! Check out Gpa’s book here to learn his parenting approach that produced my kind and loving husband.