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Filmmakers today also do merch packaging all day! Sending these out tomorrow to our generous donors so they may feel our gratitude! Our social media maven wants to see our supporters model our merch so please tag us at #celinearchive and if you want some merch, go to and donate now, you’ll get them in the mail! Love, #celinearchivemovie


We hit our online campaign goal! @aadocnetwork @vconline @ybca @somapilipinas @celinearchive #digupherstory


Thank you to our donors who help us hit our film’s online campaign goal of $10,000!

Anh whose friendship is new and already full of Las Vegas kinds of memories of which Ina, one of my closest girlfriends is included. Helen from Santa Barbara and a subject of my last film threw down for this one with encouragement! My colleague Kat donated generously and shares her intrigue about the film. Randy is my husband’s D&D childhood buddy! Sara is a fierce lioness of a filmmaker herself as is Kat who’s making a documentary about Spike and Mike; Cathy is a consultant for the film and just supported us financially! Sheryl is another new friend whose warm embrace is felt! Susette publicized our salon and also donated in double support! I play poker with Eric who gave like he’s all in and asked for no perks so I can give them to others! Debra is from SFSU during the era of Filipin@ students’ research of the film and Nicole is my running and reading girlfriend! Robyn is my son Lakas’ teacher who gave me my best teaching memories. Dounya is the sweetest person who gave so generously. Gilberto is one of my finest and most fabulous friends whose support means the world. And Marily co-sponsored the salon and also gave. Marc and Michelle doubled–they donated twice! Lastly, Jen took us over the top of our goal!

Thank you for making what seemed so impossible happen!

It is not too late to join this community of supporters and taking us higher. Go to to support courageous and passionate filmmaking!

Thank you


Spending the weekend writing thank you cards and reflecting on the generosity of all these kind people who are helping to fund the film. I am so grateful for your support and I am learning how this process of community building through filmmaking saves me too. It’s a life-giving force of creativity.

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@celinearchive benefit salon pics!


#celinearchive movie benefit salon!

Me, Director, with panelists of Editor Jon Alonso, DP Dan Chein, and Art Director Jessie Meehan discussing the aesthetics and ethics of grief. My talk on why this film and why now. Dori Caminong introducing the event and Raquel Redondiez introducing me. The great band WASI performing and lastly, testing the reel!



Thank you to all the crew, cast, attendees and donors from near and far for making this movie happen as friends, boosters, coaches, mentors, sponsors, champions. An executive producer, and an associate producer stepped up to say “we got you!” And now the day dawns and we can finish our new last shoot! We can now go into post because of the unflagging indefatigable support of our community who wants to make sure Celine’s story does not remain buried. How does one say thanks for this outpouring? We will honor her story with passionate and courageous filmmaking that respects and remembers the warm circle of your embrace. @vconline @somapilipinas @ybca @filipinawomen @aadocnetwork @celinearchive #digupherstory #filipinafilm #feministfilmmaking #womenshistory #filipinohistory #asianamericanwomen #asianamericanhistory

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Locked picture! Locked sound! @vconline @somapilipinas @ybca @filipinawomen @aadocnetwork @celinearchive

The preview of THE CELINE ARCHIVE movie is now final and ready to go for tomorrow’s benefit salon @ybca! Right on time as my girlfriend Ina donated a boost to our show! She donated as soon as she returned from Vietnam. She does not mess around. I’m looking at you, my dear friend! Thanks so much, Ina!

Please join us as we go for the gold and secure funds to make this movie happen!

if you wish to join Ina and donate, please go to and click on an amount to see our perks of appreciation. We have $2800 left to go on our goal and one more day! Thank you!

Then it really got hot in here!


I am freaking out! Auntie Em’s Fine Foods is donating a party tray of their banana caramel pudding which they are making especially for our benefit salon on 7/13/18 @ybca ybca ! Auntie Em’s is all artisan Filipino pastries. The best!

So yes, I am already freaking out when two big donations come in one right after another…first, Rachael the sports and fashion scholar whom I studied with at Stanford and where we read Asian American Cultural Studies through Mellon and the Humanities Center! That was the life with the free books we read together in a group composed of stellar Asian Americanists. And Ernesto, the creative producer of massive Hollywood films who started out as my assistant editor when we were at UCLA film together working on flatbeds with splicers and founding the Filipin@ American film group SINEgang. So genius already, you brilliant screenwriter! A film group that’s a staple soup. Thank you—the student becomes the teacher is always the greatest!

Please join Ernesto and Rachael who took me to the 70% mark of the donation bar with two days left. Help! Go to and donate your tax-deductible contribution now. Just don’t press the orange button. 😦

Check out the pic of the bread pudding I found on yelp with great reviews of Auntie Em’s Fine Foods in South San Francisco.

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Nowhere without the crew or you, our dear donors!


At our benefit salon @YBCA, attendees will meet our wonderful crew of diverse filmmakers including  the brilliant  young women who are organizing the event with me! We shot in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Chicago for the last six months and are eager to show you our sample reel!

Thanks to our new donors today who are taking us to 65% of our goal! Christine, whom I’ve known since we were dissertation fellows at Stanford! Feminist futures are here now with your donation! An–whose always sought me out to place me in key volunteer roles at our schools. A true leader who just boosted us up! Our cousin Lisa all the way from Baltimore reached out to us with a warm hand of support! We feel you, Lisa! And lastly, my OG femasculator who walks the world making me happy everyday, ALICE, threw down the big bucks and gave a lot as she does. Maximalism to the max! Thank you, bountiful thanks from me and my crew!

Join them and donate now at   Do not press the orange button! Press one of ours… it takes 30 seconds… thank you!

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