#reading #simoneweil and #martinlutherkingjr for my new #book 


Citation a form of friendship across the ages.  They help me beyond the book too. Putting the new chapter down two weeks from today.  I am in a cave. 


The power of the #comma and #ucsf #PECE #love  #hughgroman 


To benefit the visionary work of the UCSF Pediatric Epilepsy Center of Excellence, we shared our love among friends who were also enjoying wedding anniversaries!  Double extra love aptly celebrated with dinner and dance. 

What resonated for me tonight was in the sharing of  lives from parents of a child with epilepsy. There should be no stops in one’s efforts to help alleviate suffering. The power of the comma was raised: I cannot do it, I must do it.  Look at the comma there.  

Consider making a gift to the UCSF Pediatric Epilepsy Center of Excellence at http://www.ucsfbenioffchildrens.org/clinics/Epilepsy 

And loved seeing the talented Hugh Groman whose company catered the event with his food I ate too much of, while very consciously enjoying every bite! 

We talk about the comma as grieving parents too. I wore my new comma earrings to the event!

#20daychallenge met! #corepoweryoga


Today I completed the challenge and had to double up some to get there! 

My yoga practice is dedicated to my younger son Lakas who was a focused yogi in his own practice.  He had a bond with his teacher who recognized his true love for the practice.  So everyday, for my intention, I say his name which I miss hearing so much. 

Last year, I met Ryan L, the head and heart of my local studio and he’s moving forward from here and will be missed by me so much!  Thank you for the love! CPY SMTO will miss you! I hope you feel so good for setting us all up in this wonderful space.  

#Volunteering at the community garden with a summer hat 


We helped to provide fresh vegetables to shelters and the working poor in our local communities.  My older son and I dug up and cleared dead things while leaving some leaves for the worms. Lifted irrigation and spread fresh new soil before planting herbs and cabbages. We poured a lot of sweat, laughed a lot and got dirt all over us. 

This tending to plants is not intuitive to me yet all of it felt good and grounding.  I think that may be a pun though my older son would say the pun took too long to set up, it’s almost there! Hanging out together, his wordplay is inspiring!