On a #greeksandals tip! #Sandalworkshop #esiot


I put red down on roulette and won $70 so I bought 2 pairs of Greek sandals from the sandalworkshop.gr and they ship worldwide! One in orange and one in silver/ bronze!

Also coveting these blue Esiot with a higher heel that have a white stripe to wear with a white dress. Or maybe a white on white!
Thanks to my SIL for betting in Vega$ for me! I’ve spent the winnings well! 

Check out sandalworkshop.gr!

Summer of Service #withLakas


Cleaning up the beach today with our older son. Did not realize til we got there that this is our younger son and brother’s beach where we let go the pirate ship he played with for the last days of his life. Picking up straws, cigarette butts and ice cream wrappers forced us to look down and ground in to the sand. Looking up we saw Lakas and how he stood on these rocks and ran in the sand. There is solace in these places. And great pain too. It hurts and helps to be here. We hugged each other a lot as we combed through the beach. Lakas was here!