Whose screen shot game is on point in this pic? #Op-ed #writing with #feminist #Stanfordalumnae #magdalenabarrera #shelleylee #zoom


Giant minds, powerful writing happening in this picture!

This is the new way to collaborate. An intimate meeting of minds over zoom.

Shelley Lee, Magdalena Barrera and me! As Shelley says, Magdalena’s “screen shot game is on point!”




#feministpornscholar stepping out

What does a feminist porn scholar do for fun? Feminist friendships! Stepping out for GNO where topics of discussion and friendship befit sex positive world visions.

Celine Parreñas Shimizu, a Department of Cinema Studies professor at San Francisco State University, said that feminist pornography “opens up who and how we love and lust; opens up the ways we experience and understand our bodies.”