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First at yoga super early on a day full of three major deadlines! Seizing whatever time I have to read @joseiswriting’s book not only to celebrate the first day of @filipinoamericanhistorymonth but to dive deep into the search for justice, home, belonging he embodies. His writing is so urgent and strong and I am so moved by the possibilities for all our @SFSU students that this Gator represents. You need to give our commencement speech this year!


Seeking strength @corepoweryoga @yogasculpt


Seeking strength via yoga sculpt with the talented teacher Gabby at the peak of her powers! The packed class applauded unprompted in recognition. For me, it was about accessing physical power during this enraging and galvanizing week for women!

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Lectured on Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Rihanna in my race, sex and iconicity class today wearing @stylemafia and a turban @yogi_in_academia got me from Dubai in many colors. Perfect outfit for the occasion, especially with @fenty confetti. I loved my students’ presentations on @nifleetwood and lecturing on Margo Jefferson too! @sfstatelca

Come to CHURCH! @crowdedfiretheater @potrerostage in #sanfrancisco to experience @youngjeanleetheaterco’s play


with @thecelinearchive crew to celebrate our filmmaking work together! Thank you to actors @lawrenceredecker @nkechiemewura @jordanmariadon with amazing direction by Mina Morita and choreography by Mark Allan Davis of @sfstatelca and the dinner at @Mochica was delicious. Good night! Go see the powerful play! Our whole crew loved it and loved being together for such a wonderful night in the city!

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How naming whiteness creates discomfort beyond the safety of mimicry…so much to think and act on through the work of Sharmila Sen! Buy the book NOT QUITE NOT WHITE from my friend of 34 years–and Debate Team Co-Captain in high school in Cambridge, Mass! We never talked about race and gender then and we live the rest of our decades since, analyzing these dynamics in our work.

Finishing my book with a photo by my B


My older son made this insanely great photo of me–created this image–took this picture! He turned off all the lights then shot.

In this moment, I just finished for the third time the Intro to my next book. I am beginning the third pass before submitting it in December to #OxfordUP!

So special to work with my older son every night! So fun, it’s my absolute total favorite every weeknight thing.