The off-the-shoulder dress held up


Worked from 8am-8pm wearing this off-the-shoulder triple bell sleeve red dress and tall boots. Ran home between appointments to take off my boots for an hour then back to work again. #nanettelepore


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Visited the site of the pavilion for our son Lakas at Lawrence Hall of Science. So much love surrounds our donation to the Hall. Site of frequent visits with our sons. Site of where my husband and I met at Cal. Site of his childhood visits with his parents. Wearing a bespoke orange velvet dress from Haunt Portland. Came with a matching velvet scrunchie! Look at the view for our son!

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I am so fortunate to have an amazing sister-in-law who makes quilts and we commission her to make them of our son Lakas’ shirts. These are the ones he wore in the last six months of life–and we combined them with shirts that his older brother wore at the same time. We love seeing them together as a celebration of their childhoods–so colorful, so involved and engaged in the world around them and in each other. They talked endlessly. The sounds of our home are different now. And yet, I can hear them chatting and laughing throughout the house.

The sounds look like these shirts on the quilt: finding Wally/ Waldo, California Screamin’ at Disneyland, zombies, legos, basketball, baseball, video games, Ninjas, science, pop culture figures like Optimus Prime, playing poker, obsessing with board games like Ogre, table top game life, the music of Journey which was our soundtrack as I finished my article on  Ramona Diaz the filmmaker who focused on the new Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda, and Bay Area kids’ lives. If you wish to commission Sharon for a quilt, hit me up for her info!


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Salon featuring Mina Morita, Jennifer Brody and Sarita Ocon moderated by an enthusiastic me! With so much love for Crowded Fire! Go see the new play open now until May 24. Amazing explosive fiery stories about women’s relationships, work and so many facets of their lives. Go to for tickets!

Salon catered by Craftsman and Wolves! Nom nom nom we are so lucky!

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Finished first draft of my new book and presented today to a packed crowd! So happy to share the work with such smart and engaged colleagues and students–scholars and filmmakers alike! Your comments and questions stay with me as I finish up the book!

I also win for goofiest faces while sharing my work!

Thanks to Kat De Guzman, brilliant scholar and colleague, for the photos from front row!