Finishing my book with a photo by my B


My older son made this insanely great photo of me–created this image–took this picture! He turned off all the lights then shot.

In this moment, I just finished for the third time the Intro to my next book. I am beginning the third pass before submitting it in December to #OxfordUP!

So special to work with my older son every night! So fun, it’s my absolute total favorite every weeknight thing.


The Rider


Taught Chloe Zhao’s THE RIDER in my large lecture Intro to Cinema course today. It is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen which is shocking because there is no sex! It is that good. It has deep intimacy among family, friends and community and with animals. The representation of disability is unlike I’ve ever experienced. @therider @chloezhao

Teaching in local fashion


Wearing local SF fashion while lecturing on the power of fashion today! Peter Papas’ #BladeandBlue cardigan over #Betabrand yoga pants for work. Do they look like yoga pants tho?

Because I also taught the brilliant Daphne Brooks on Mary J. Blige, I wore my new hat as we discussed the Shelter in the Storm performance. So moving!

Shoes by Aquazurra! Didn’t want to take them off all day and night.

#losangeles #openingceremony #satineboutique #wanderlustcreamery #eytys #harveyfaircloth


Writing retreat for full promotion letters continue while my family games and games. Shopping for two hours hauls LA fabulosity. Go to shops: Opening Ceremony flagship where I scored #Eytys In White Angel Patent and Satine 1805 leads me to a new designer #HarveyFaircloth! And must stop for ice cream at #wanderlustcreamery for Ube! Delivered to the gamers: Japanese Neapolitan for three kinds of matcha including black sesame. Icelandic pretzel. Two kinds of mango: pomelo with sago and with sticky rice. Insane taste explosions. Fun to meet up with super close girlfriend too!