Thanks, Tekka! Love, Celine


This is Tekka, our adorable dog, interspersed with pictures of some of the merchandise you can get now when you donate to our film! Every donation —tax-deductible too—gets a decal which goes so nicely on your laptop or your window sill. Here’s Tekka at a red barn. And then a pic of our t-shirt! Yes! Then there’s me and Tekka asking you to donate in any amount to our fundraiser. We have two days and still have to raise $4200! Please help in any amount and get your name on this herstorical project. Please do it and go to and click on donate now. From there, do not click on the orange button. Curious? Go to our site! Thanks to our supporters @aadocnetwork @thecelinearchive @somapilipinas @filipinawomen @vconline who know fundraising is hard. We hope Tekka inspires you to look at our plea.


I woke up to this! @ybca @vconline @filipinawomen @somapilipinas @thecelinearchive @aadocnetwork #filmfunding #feministfilm #filipinafilm #feministfilmmaking #digupherstory #withlakas

Weeeeeeee!!! I mean, Wiiiiiii!!! Shoutout to Dan!

I woke up today with donations from one of Lakas’ closest friends Bobby’s mom, my dear friend Cameron!

Then our Aunt Mary who wrote a kind note of support sent hers. Thank you!

Then my friend Paige whose wide-ranging generosity to me includes cheese, lipstick, yoga and now this!

A huge chunk soon landed from Andrea who leads Lakas Shimizu Service Learning STAR Award! She knew my sweet boy well. We talked about how we need to pass on stories good and bad.

Then one of my older son’s closest friends’ mom Ann came through with a very generous donation amidst all our discussions about Asian American Admissions! This is in addition to her donating one of the best treats available from their bakery @CraftsmanandWolves!

This is all right before Katie donated just now—she whom I am forever connected through our school volunteering and she gave a big boost!

Aaaahhhh!!! I am overwhelmed you all took me beyond the halfway point of my fundraising goal. Thank you for helping me make this movie as we lead our lives, raise our kids, work and volunteer together. We have a real bond and I am so grateful and fortunate for your friendship.

Please join the embrace of these dear women and move our donation bar to the goal! I have two days left to raise $4,200 at Donate now but don’t press the orange button!

Putting together your perks now and will deliver soon!

Boosts! @vconline @aadocnetwork @somapilipinas @filipinawomen @ybca #digupherstory

My dearest friends Emily, Patrice and Shannon today each donated as Boosters to the film! They are fireworks that ignite energy to our fundraising efforts! I am writing you, Emmy, Shannon and Patrice, pouring my heartfelt thanks on this thirsty thick paper and my favorite pens. I am reflecting on our friendship that I feel and love. Thank you for supporting my movie. We now have $4900 raised and $5100 left to go! Help us get over the halfway line three days before deadline! Please join Emily, Shannon and Patrice and go to and donate now! Thank you!

Big Day! Our first champion donor!


“It is a pleasure to help you make your worthwhile film.”

With this sweet note came our first $2,500 donation today which is at the Champion level. Just like that, we are almost halfway to our goal! Three more days left til our benefit salon and our $10,000 goal.

Please join Shelley and help us get to our goal. Three more days, $5,400 left to go!!! Donate online now at and find out where to send your Donor-Advised Funds there too!

With bottomless gratitude for your support, we are packing your gifts to deliver very soon. We hope you feel the strength of our thanks, Shelley, our dear first Champion.

Praise friendship! @vconline @aadocnetwork @somapilipinas @ybca @celinearchive #digupherstory #celinearchivemovie


Fundraising is hard and friendship makes it better! Thank you to Nanci and Nikki for their inspiring and energizing donations that made me jump off my seat and not stop!

Nanci is the mom of a boy who came to my son Lakas’ class after he died. I see her as the friend he would have brought me through his friendship with her son. It’s true and real.

Nikki is the middle school good friend of my older son. And their lifetime friendship brings us together, our families together. Really connects us.

I am so grateful for your support! We need more voices– Asian American women’s voices– in our media–telling stories such as Celine Navarro’s. Thank you for believing in this and me!

Join Nanci and Nikki and go to to make our donation bar move. We are at almost 20% of our goal! Remember it’s tax-deductible and helps mentor young women into the industry and employs a dazzling diversity independent filmmakers!

Enjoy the video of my jumping for joy!

Donors Donors Donors


Thanks so much, dear Michelle, for your donation to THE CELINE ARCHIVE! You are a hero for helping us make this movie!

We now feel the love of five donors! We are closer and closer to raising $10k. We have $9500 left to go to launch us into post-production!

Go to and see the donation bar move, the merch perks at each donor level–and why this film needs to be made now! #celinearchive #celinearchivemovie @vconline @somapilipinas @ybca @filipinawomen #digupherstory #makethismovie #feministfilm #filipinafilm



We have our fourth donor to @celinearchive movie! It is special because it comes from the editor of my last film who is also a feminist film scholar! Thanks so much, Linh for your strong support making our movie happen! Join Linh and help us move our donation bar at @vconline @somapilipinas @ybca @sfsu @aadocnetwork #digupherstory #celinearchivemovie



Signing our thick red posters with wet gold sharpie for our generous donors! We have our third donor whose strong support boosts the film like crazy! Thank you, Leslie! I dropped off the signed poster and delivering the mug when it arrives! Thanks for your confidence in me! Your donation makes this movie happen! #celinearchive #digupherstory #feministfilm #filipinafilm



So excited to announce that the donation bar is now activated on and help me get this movie made by clicking on the “donate online now” button!

Thank you to our second donor–Tera! I am so grateful for your generosity! Your merch is coming as soon as tomorrow! #celinearchivemovie #digupherstory #feministfilm #filipinafilm #makethismoviehappen @vconline @somapilipinas @ybca @aadocnetwork